The future of mobile commerce is extremely bright according to research done by the Criteo Group. A recent study of over 1.7 billion (yes, billion) transactions from over 3,300 retailers has shone some light on what we’re in for in the future.

As stated by Criteo, mobile transactions have steadily been growing and have reached parity with desktop sales. This is mainly due to the advancement of mobile devices. Smart phones and tablets now have larger, more detailed screens, intuitive input and take advantage of high-speed mobile internet which all have a part in making a very pleasurable purchasing experience on mobile devices.

Furthermore, Criteo has found that retailers who deploy dedicated mobile commerce apps are able to drive more transactions and value by removing purchase barriers often associated with mobile web stores. Criteo also contends that by providing consumers with native commerce apps, retailers are able to maximize their conversion rates.

Learn how you can take advantage of this exciting new frontier of eCommerce with 5mina’s simple but powerful Mobile App Store Builder.
You can read the entirety of Criteo’s study here:

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