It’s not new news that eCommerce has shaken retail sales to the core. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 9 percent of all retail sales are made online. eCommerce has steadily taken market share from brick-and-mortar stores dating back to the mid 2000s.

But there is a more recent and extremely exciting commerce opportunity that spans both the retail products and services arenas.

mCommerce, or mobile commerce has proven invaluable to many large retailers in capturing online sales – and the kicker is that the majority of mobile purchases are now done in retailers’ native Apps rather than on their mobile websites.

But why do App based stores appeal so much to consumers?

It’s really quite simple. Apps by their nature feel more secure than mobile websites to the average consumer. But it’s not just the added aura of security that consumers are after. Browsing through products in an App is far more intuitive and clean than similar experiences provided by mobile browsers. Native commerce apps allow for retailers to provide customers with a very unique, branded experience and a more controlled purchase path which reduces shopping cart abandonment as well as makes the consumer purchasing funnel simpler and easier for consumers to flow through.

Great, so consumers prefer purchasing via retailers’ apps versus their mobile sites, but what else is in it for retailers?

Here’s where we see how native mobile commerce apps really provide selling power to retailers. Besides providing their customers with a more fluid, intuitive and secure purchasing method, commerce apps allow retailers to offer long-term consumer penetration by means of mobile remarketing, purchase incentives to install-base via push notifications.

How can I take advantage of mobile commerce trends for my small business?

While web-based eCommerce solutions are a dime-a-dozen, implementing a native App based retail commerce store is a considerable investment as a result of App development fees and time. Or at least it used to be.

At 5mina, a mobile commerce app builder has been created especially for small businesses who may not be able to afford high development costs associated with native app store development. There is absolutely no need to know how to code and 5mina’s simple but powerful online store builder will have your App up and making you money in no time with virtually no overhead. Nearly everything is handled for you, from transactions to submission of your App Store to iTunes and Android’s Play Store. Check out the details at or talk to one of their friendly professionals on their website or by phone – (415) 670 9338.

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